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Glass Bead Wired Leaves & Flowers Garland - 72
Its vivid green and rose colors create an atmosphere of joy and relaxation that your guests won't soon forget!  Measures: 72" L. Glass Beads and Wire
Floral Handle Stainless Steel & Brass Spoons
 Crafted with a floral design, they'll add a touch of whimsy to your meal. Perfect for every day use or getting fancy for a special occasion! 80% Stainless Steel, 20% Brass  5-1/4"L
Mango Wood Stand Organizer
Organize your world with this Mango Wood Stand Organizer! Whether you're looking to store books, dishes, mail, fabric - or anything else you can dream up - this handy hunk of wood is the perfect way to keep your home tidy. Endless possibilities await! 6"L x 6"W x 4-1/2"H Mango...
Cotton Velvet Zip Pouch - 10
10"L x 7"H Cotton Velvet Zip Pouch 
Balsam & Cedar Mercury Ornament Candle
These candles come in beautiful, ornament-shaped jars and have a lovely balsam & cedar scent.
Gold Candle Wick Trimmer
The perfect accessory to add to (or to start!) your candle care kit, this golden wick trimmer allows you to properly cut your candle wicks to allow for optimal burning.
Demi Vanity Tin Candle
These adorable candle tins are perfect accents for anywhere in your home!
Tried & True Gilded Tree Candles
These festive ceramic candles come in a variety of scents and make a great addition to your winter or holiday decor!
Vintage Kantha Rhino Head Wall Décor (Each One Will Vary)
This unique wall mount would be quite at home in an eclectic or worldly interior.  23-1/2"L x 11"W x 9"H Vintage Kantha from India
Eucalyptus Wood Birdhouse Ornament w/ Greenery & Bird
Welcome cheery feathered friends to your holiday home with this delightful eucalyptus wood birdhouse ornament. Dressed up with greenery and a little bird perch, it'll make a great addition to your festive decorations!  Eucalyptus Wood Birdhouse  5 3/4" H
Wool Felt Mouse in Snowflake Outfit Ornament
Bring a bit of holiday cuteness to your home with this charming Wool Felt Mouse in Snowflake Outfit Ornament!  Make your holidays special with this cute critter! 5"H Wool Felt 
Hand-Painted Glass Piñata Ornament
3-1/2"L x 4"H Hand-Painted Glass Piñata Ornament w/ Glitter
Wool Felt Baker Mouse Ornament
Don’t be mousey about your holiday decorations - get this adorable wool felt baker mouse ornament to spruce up your tree! It’s got it all: the cuteness of a mouse, the baking prowess of a master chef, and enough festive cheer to brighten any room!    5"H Wool Felt 
Gold Camera Ornament
Channel your inner artiste this holiday season and add a touch of glitz to your tree with this golden Camera Ornament! Perfect for budding photographers and shutterbugs alike, it's a striking way to add sparkle and snap to your holiday decor.    2"H Resin 
Compass Ornament
Light the way to the perfect gift or holiday decoration with this unique Compass Ornament! It's a great conversation piece and perfect for anyone who loves to get lost in adventure. Add a little direction to your home with this one-of-a-kind accessory! 4" Resin
Round Glass Rainbow Ball Ornament
Bring the joy of a colorful rainbow to your holiday tree with this Round Glass Rainbow Ball Ornament. With a glittery finish, it'll shimmer and sparkle on your tree. Perfect for adding a little extra sparkle to your holiday season. 🌈 4" Round Glass Rainbow Ball Ornament w/ Glitter
Glitter Plastic Deer Ornament
6-1/2"H Plastic Deer Ornament w/ Glitter & Crystal Collar
Hand-Painted Pine Wood Christmas Ornaments, Boxed Set of 5
This 5-piece set of holiday ornaments is perfect for sprucing up your Christmas tree! Each blocky figure, from Santa to trees, is intricately hand-painted with festive, wintery scenes. Get your merry-making going with this boxed set of pine wood ornaments! 2"H - 3"H Set of 5 Pine
Unscented Gold Tree Tealights
These unscented tealight candles will dazzle on a tabletop or mantle.  1 1/2" round Set of 9 Unscented  Approximate burn time is 20 minutes.
One of a Kind Vintage Silk Sari Gift Wraps w/ String & Scissors, Boxed Set of 6
Add an extra special something to your gift-giving with this unique boxed set of 6 vintage silk sari wraps with string and scissors, each one a one-of-a-kind surprise! Wowing your lucky recipients has never been easier! (Plus, you'll get to reap the rewards of the compliments too!)
Velvet Mushroom Clusters
8-3/4"H - 11-1/2"H Velvet, Foam & Paper Mushroom w/ Gold Glitter, Sequins & Jewels Choose between 4 Colors
Holiday Safety Matches in Triangle Matchbox
These matchboxes are an adorable addition to any festive home, and are an easy gift for the holiday season. There are 2 triangle matchboxes with safety matches inside, and each have a holiday saying. Perfect for lighting any candles during the holiday season
Perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere, this piece is sure to make a statement in any room. An unexpected and unique way to liven up your space! Pine Wood and Twine 40" L Choose between red or orange!
Perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere, this piece is sure to make a statement in any room. An unexpected and unique way to liven up your space! 72" L Distressed Zinc Finish
Wicker Garland w/ Mini Baskets & Wood Beads
Gives you basket-ful of charm in one cute garland! 72"L Wicker & Wood Beads
Handmade Wool Felt Tree
Transport yourself to the perfect holiday scene with this handmade wool felt tree! Perfectly decorated with colorful pom poms and resting atop a sturdy wood base, this tree will add seasonal cheer to any space. Put some jolly in your room and deck out your abode with this fun-filled holiday...
Wood Christmas Pyramid Tealight Holder w/ Snowman Scene
Wood Holds 4 Tealights, light candles for the propeller and figures to spin! 7-1/2"L x 5-1/2"W x 9"H 
Floral Paper Mache Trees
Recycled Paper Mache See photos for sizes
Set of 2, Stoneware Platter w/ Holiday Pattern & Santa Shaped Dish
Delight your family and guests with this set of 2 festive pieces—a stoneware platter with a holiday pattern and a Santa-shaped dish! It's the perfect combination to spread some extra cheer this season! Fun for everyday meals or special occasions! Ho, ho, ho! Set of 2 12-1/2"L x 6"W Platter...
Fair Isle Cotton Knit Reindeer
9-1/2"L x 3-3/4"W x 13-1/2"H 50% Cotton, 35% Paper, 15% Galvanized Wire
Christmas Garden Kit, Boxed Set
This Christmas Garden Kit is an exquisite boxed set that contains a wonderful winter wonderland of treasurable trees, enchanting holiday accents, and smiling Santas and snowmen. Its stunning deer figures bring a majestic touch to any festive season, making it the perfect gift or decoration for the elegant home. Set...
Bamboo Knotted Headband - Potted Plants
Easily slip on this knotted headband for a subtle coordinating accent to your little one’s ensemble. One size fits most babies and toddlers. Created of 100% rayon from bamboo, the lightweight, breathable, and buttery-soft qualities of these headbands naturally comfort sensitive skin. Milkbarn commits to ensuring their products meet or...
Bamboo Knotted Beanie Hat- Potted Plants
Warm and cozy, the Bamboo Knotted Hat in the Potted Plants print adds a coordinating accent to you little one’s ensemble. Created of 100% rayon from bamboo, the lightweight, breathable, and buttery-soft qualities of these headbands naturally comfort sensitive skin. by Milkbarn
Candeliere Glass Taper Holder
Perfect for your next dinner party or as a minimalist chic addition to your side table.  Borosilicate Glass 7 in, 10in, 13in Candles sold separately
The Spice Box
60 beautifully illustrated cards with ingredient pairings, cooking tips, original recipe ideas and fascinating facts about each spice from acclaimed chef Emily Dobbs. Organized into six categories - aromatic, citrus, earthy, sweet, hot and pungent - and served in a stunning tabbed archive box, The Spice Box is the essential kitchen companion.Hardcover...
Pocket Nature: Stargazing
Contemplate the Cosmos to Find Inner Peace. Part of the Pocket Nature series, this petite volume features helpful tips for stargazing, plus thoughtful meditations related to stars, space, and the universe. In a cool palette with celestial illustrations, Stargazing is a must-have companion for amateur astronomers, space enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers,...
Style Legends, Rebels, and Visionaries
Style Legends, Rebels, and Visionaries is an inclusive and eclectic collection of 50 illustrated portraits by the immensely talented artist Bijou Karman. This curated collection of portraits features vintage and contemporary style legends such as Cher, Harry Styles, Grace Jones, Tilda Swinton, Diana Ross, Timothée Chalamet, and many more. Featuring a...
Still Life
Still Life is a photographic celebration of the work of New York City–based florist, artist, and photographer Doan Ly and her studio, a.p. bio.Ly's stunning work elevates floral design to an art form. While photographs of her floral vignettes are reminiscent of old masters' still life paintings, her playful and innovative...
Witch, Please
Magical Musings on Life, Love, and Owning Your Power There's more than one way to be a witch! Some witches harness the properties of herbs and crystals, and some craft their own spells and rituals for empowerment and success; some dress all in black, and some prefer a more colorful...
Sunrise Dance
Make salmon splash and bear cubs bustle with each push of a durable novelty element in this sweet and interactive morning read-aloud.When you wake up in the morning, playful animals are starting their day! Push and pull the sturdy tabs to make dragonflies dance and bear cubs bustle in this...
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