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Framed Cactus Print
Let's face it, the cactus trend isn't going anywhere. The prints can be hung on the wall but are also thick enough to be able to sit alone on a tabletop! Measurements: 1: 9" x 7.5" t2: 10.25" x 10.25" t3: 10.25" x 13" t4: 10.25" x 11.75" t5: 11"...
Artificial Boxwood with white cement pot. Product Dimensions: 2.5"d x 8.5"t
Galvanized Nativity on Wooden Stand
Add some rustic charm with this galvanized nativity scene to your centerpiece or mantle. This piece would look great on an interior window sill, backlit at night! Metal and wood: One side is metal, the other is exposed board. Base is rustic wood. 2.5" wide x 22" long x 6.5"...
Antique Brass Goose Neck Table Lamp With Enamel Shade
This antique-inspired lamp is perfect for your side table or desk. Features an enamel shade with adjustable neck. 10"d x 8"w x 17.5"t by Kalalou
Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack with Hooks
Made of reclaimed, upcycled wood with iron hooks to corral all of your coats and bags. 26"w x 5.5"t
Shaggy Top Kantha Quilt Stocking
Add some whimsical, bohemian flair to your holiday decor with this Shaggy Top Kantha Quilt Stocking. Colors vary piece by piece. 3" x 40" x 30"
Galvanized Holiday Figure on Stand
Galvanized materials add a timeless, vintage touch to your holiday decor. These figures have a unique touch with their brass dotting on the edges and rustic stands on reclaimed wood. Metal and wood 4.5" square base, 8" wide, 12 to 17" tall
Folding Wire Multi Design Pendant Lamp
This dynamic pendant light can be bent into a variety of shapes! Each lamp comes with a metal ceiling cap and a six foot cord with a plug that can be removed for professional hard wiring. Product Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 17"t when fully extended into a tube shape....
USA Banner
This cute and colorful patchwork USA wall hanging will make a statement in any space. 38"w x 26"h
Small Succulent with Cement Pot
These fun little faux succulents stand 3" tall.
Botanica 2178 Pink
large 32" tall flower
Botanica 2142 Pink
Botanica 2128 Pink
Beautiful and 40" tall
Large Artificial Air Plant
Versatile and realistic, the best part about our succulents is no watering required! Diameter: 14" x Height: 11"
Cactus Succulent
The best thing about this realistic looking artificial succulent is that no water is required.  Height: 15"
Product Dimensions: 20"
Grass With Plastic Pot
Versatile and realistic, the best part about this grass is no watering required!   Product Dimensions: 4"d x 15"t
Artificial Succulents in Cement Pig Planters
These little piggies add great style to any desk, shelf or end table. 4.5" wide x 3" x 5" tall
Succulent in Glass Pot
So attractive that your guests won't guess they're faux! 2.5x5" Tall, sold individually.
Yellow Bud Spray
A delightful spray of yellow buds will charm your guests, and take up none of your time 42" Long
Succulent Bush
For some Faux plants are the way to go.  Create a lush look and never worry about it!   22" long
Mini Succulents
These little artificial succulents stand 3.5" tall.
Glitter Lotus Garland
$21.00 $35.00
A glorious, glittery, festive strand that can transform your space into a magical one.  Hang a few for extra sparkle! 72" L By Kalalou
Flocking Herbs Bundle
A sweet herb bundle will fill up a small vase and never need watering!  It's so relistic! 9" Long
Faux White Airplant
A stunning white air plant is a unique and beautiful center or accent piece.  No watering required. 15" x 11" Tall
Faux Paddle Succulent
Keep these succulents around to give your space a fresh feel.  No one needs to know they require zero hydration. Height: 6.5"
Faux Neckalce Fern
A necklace fern is drapes luxuriously. Water and sunlight not required. Length: 26"
Faux Flower Stem - Yellow
This faux green flower stem is bright and fun! 38" Long
Faux Flower Stem - Green
This faux green flower stem is bright and fun!
Clip Board Photo Holder
These small clipboards are perfect for hanging small photos or to do lists! Measures 6x9".
Branch Succulent
Its a well known fact that faux plants are immortal. Height: 10"
Artificial Zwartkop Succulent
Can't keep a plant alive but still want the bohemian aesthetic? We've got you covered with this cute succulent stem. Height: 6" x Width: 4"
Artificial Sedum Succulent
Can't keep a plant alive but still want the bohemian aesthetic? We've got you covered with this cute succulent stem. Cute little faux succulent to brighten up any space! Height: 4" x Width: 3"
Artificial Grey Succulent
Can't keep a plant alive but still want the bohemian aesthetic? We've got you covered with this cute succulent stem. Height: 8" x 3"
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