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k studio is designer and artist Shelly Klein’s knack for delicate linear patterns and her ever-growing menagerie of richly evocative characters with as many people as possible. Every k studio product starts as a canvas for these ideas, and each is manufactured to the highest standards for consistent quality, exact...
k studio is designer and artist Shelly Klein’s knack for delicate linear patterns and her ever-growing menagerie of richly evocative characters with as many people as possible. Every k studio product starts as a canvas for these ideas, and each is manufactured to the highest standards for consistent quality, exact...
Animal Butt Magnets
From the hand and mind of Steph Mantis comes these hilarious animal butt magnets. Plastic animal butts perfect for displaying everything. Come in a packaged set of six.  Sizes vary but approx. 1 to 2 inches.
Block Printing Kit
Make your own custom stamps! This kit comes with a carving utensil, paper, and ink pads.  
Bone Whale Magnifying Glass
Add to your cabinet of curiosities with this Whale Magnifying Glass made of bone. 6 1/2 inches long Made of Bone Wipe with damp cloth to cleanse
Brush Lettering Kit
Everything you need to learn brush lettering! This kit comes with paper, ink, and the brush utensil to get started on your calligraphy and brush lettering journey.   
Craftsman Bank
$120.00 $262.00
This unique bank is hand crafted with camel bone inlay from India. The top piece comes off, so you can store money in this bank. Measurements: 9" X 6" X 13" tall.
Crystal Kit- Chakras
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Use this collection of stones to purify and balance the 7 chakras aligning your energy. With continued practice, these stones will help lighten negative energy and refine emotional reactions. Place each stone on the correlating chakra, and spend a few moments of deep breathing focusing the lightness and energy of...
Crystal Points
A perfect size point to perch on your favorite curios shelf, place near your workspace, include in your daily mantras, or help draw success during a relaxing bath. Points will vary in size and tone. All crystals are natural. Due to the inherent nature of the stones, colors and variations...
Crystal Wishing Bottles
Each glass bottle comes with a rolled up piece of antiqued paper for someone to write their own wish or message on and a cork top! Each bottle contains 1-2 crystals and floral botanical sprigs as well. Use these in place of a greeting card for a sweet sentimental gift...
De-Stress Ball
Let it all out with this de-stress ball. It’s made of slow rising polyurethane foam, which basically just means that no matter how tight you squeeze it, it’ll always go back to its original shape. So squeeze all your troubles away, this croissant isn’t going anywhere Slow rising polyurethane foam ...
DIY Friendship Jewelry  Kit
This kit is perfect for bracelets, necklaces and anklets. Pick your initals of your nearest and dearest or favorite mantra and have fun!    Kit Includes: 780 beads and 26ft of gold thread.
DIY Make Your Own Canvas Banner Kit
Decorate your wall with your favorite phrase! Includes: fabric banner, a brush, a tracing paper, a carbon paper, templates and ink
Dog Cable Ties
Keeping charging cables neat is a snap with this set of three dog cable ties. PU, iron.
Dog Collar Embroidery Kit
Personalize your dog's collar with this DIY cross stitch set. Includes: 2x needles, 7x threads (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & brown), 1x collar.  1" x 19" Material: cotton, nickle plated alloy
Drop Shadow Alphabet Cross Stitch Kit
Stitch this happy font in the letter of your choice onto a bright white fabric. This cross stitch kit is suitable for beginners and full instructions are included in your kit. Along with your fabric, hoop, thread, needle, wadding, and backing disc, you have a beautiful pattern with the whole...
Garden Scissors
$4.00 $6.00
Small, medium, and large steel sheers for pruning and trimming plants. Material: Carbon Steel by Kikkerland
Hedgehog Kitchen Timer
These hedgehog kitchen timers are just too cute to resist. Simply twist to set time and await the ring that will let you know when to take the cake out of the oven. The portability of these little guys lets you check your email in the other room with no...
Hedgehog Nail Brush
Perfect for cleaning nails or tiny things that need a scrub.  Choose between green or blue!
Honey Bee Box
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Get the buzz and bring nature indoors without the sting with this beautiful hand finished Honey Bee Box.  It makes a great keepsake, gift or decorative accent for the home. by Michael Michaud 2" wide, 1" tall  
Image Transfer Tote Bag
Everything you need to create your own tote bag! Use included flower templates or print your image on a toner ink-jet printer. Includes: canvas tote bag, templates, essential oil, wooden tool, brush. Material: canvas, beechwood, orange essential oil, glass, aluminum, nylon, paper
Jesus Glass Ashtray
A great gag gift for the smoker in your life, or a little self flagellation for your own home decor. ;)  Also can be used as an incense dish! Glass 3.75 x 3.75"
Make Your Own Harmonica
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This DIY kit contains all the pieces for your pocket-sized instrument. Material: ABS, stainless steel Assembly required by Kikkerland
Make Your Own Ukulele Kit
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Materials: ABS, basswood, poplarwood, nylon, carbon steel, latex wood glue. Assembly required. 
Mini Bike Vase
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This mini vase wraps around the handlebar of your bike! Add flowers on your daily commute by adding some petals to your peddling!  
Mini Cross Stitch Embroidery Kit
Relax at home at work and on a mini-embroidery. Also a great kit for beginners! Plus one pattern guide and helpful tips on getting started. Happy stitching! Includes: 3" bamboo hoop frame, 4.3" square canvas to stitch on, color threads, and 1 needle.
Mini House Planter Decor
A house you can finally afford! This miniature house model is a fun lightweight gift to send in the post. Each pack includes a flat metal sheet that simply folds together to create a super cute ornament. Display in a terrarium, at the base of a plant or on a...
Paint by Number Kit: Flower Vases
The pre-printed background features art-nouveau-motif wallpaper. Completing the painting can take between 3-5 hours. Recommended for ages 13 and up. Contents: (1) 8x10 artist-quality, un-mounted canvas with pre-printed background, (8) American-made, non-toxic, acrylic paints, (2) Princeton Brush paintbrushes, plus instructions Made in United States of America by elle crée (she...
Perfect Pair Cat Clipper Set
Sold Out
Set of two cat shaped nail clippers, one for toes and one for fingers, with handy clipping catcher! 
Plant Animal
Etched in metal, Plant Animals simply clip or hang onto your plants. Packaging is printed on 100% recycled FSC paperboard and packed in a plant based, compostable clear film.⁠ Snake measures 2.75" long Tamarin measures 3" long Anteater measures 2.75"
Rainbow Embroidery Banner Kit
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The kit is a great beginner embroidery project and will brighten up any room once you have hung it with the string provided.  Each kit contains a needle, embroidery threads in 5 different colors, a 9.5cm x 11cm board, instructions and hanging cord. The board is made from laser cut...
Rico Porcelain Boy Figurine
Road Trip Kit
Includes 8 reusable cards, 2 dry erase pens, and instructions for 8 games Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1.8 cm.
Round Brass Keyring, Casino
Seed Garden kit
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This seed saving kit makes it easy to collect, store and trade seeds from your garden. Experience the joy of preserving seeds from your favorite plants for the next generations. by Kikkerland
Self Standing Head Massager
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Unwind and relieve excess stress. These head massagers relieve tension and increase blood circulation by softly massages acupressure points and stimulating sensitive nerves in your scalp.
Shower Affirmation Cards
Slow down and make the most of your time spent washing away the day. This affirmation deck is full of phrases to help guide you through focusing on appreciating the amazing person you are, and owning the light you bring into our world. Set of 20 affirmations for each new...
Symbols Temporary Tattoo Sheet
These tiny tats may be small but they pack a lot of meaning. Show off these minimalist symbols for all to see with these dainty tattoos. Depending on skin type and care, tattoos will last 2-5 days.
Tiny Bee Box
Vintage Apothecary Travel Bottle Set
Voyage abroad in old-world style and modern convenience with this elegantly designed travel set. Contains three 3oz travel bottles, three 0.7oz jars, 2 sticker sheets and carrying case. Bottles are TSA compliant, leak proof and BPA free.
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