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Tarot Creatures Charm Necklaces

Tarot Creatures Charm Necklaces


These nature inspired Tarot Tales Talismans necklaces have been designed by Fable England in collaboration with artist, Jessica Roux. 

The mini tarot card pendent hangs from a fine link adjustable chain, carefully crafted from 22k gold plated brass, delicately engraved with symbolic purpose to inspire you, whatever the universe brings.

  • Hand-painted enamel and Hand-carved detailing
  • 22k worn-gold plated Brass; Enamel
  • 16in Chain with 4in extender; Pendant: 1 x 2/3 in

The Ace of Swords is one of the four aces from the Minor Arcana, aligning with the element, air. Intricately engraved with the traditional imagery of a hand holding a sword emerging from a cloud, topped with a crown. The Ace of Swords card signifies success in seeking justice and truth – this is a special tarot for a gifted creative thinker.

The Moon card takes influence from The Fool, symbolizing new beginnings, adventures and unlimited possibilities. The two dogs are symbolic of the wild versus the tame within us, representing a spontaneous nature. The moons phases nestled amongst the stars encourage a new phase in life and remind us to trust our instincts and follow our hearts.

The Strength Tarot represents a happy conclusion to a personal problem, warding off negativity or temptation through her powerful strength of character. The lion wears a wreath of roses representing the feminine with the infinity sign above her head symbolizing the eternal and infinite nature of inner strength.

The Queen of Wands is an ambitious and helpful guide who encourages confidence and creativity. Our Tarot Tales Queen of Wands has transformed herself into a black cat, (which is long associated with witches familiars) leaving her crown on the ground as she leaps amongst the sunflowers, symbolizing peace and contentment.

The Empress is symbolic of creativity, maternal love and new opportunities. Often represented by hares, The Empress cradles a pomegranate symbolizing fertility, surrounded by twelve stars representing her feminine power throughout the year.

The Sun Tarot is filled with optimism and fun. The serene face of the sun in this card reflects the peace you are at when you know yourself. The four corners of the card are adorned by blooms growing tall surrounding the sun, representing the four elements that are essential to prosperity and life on earth.


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